1906: Luxury Cannabis Infused Chocolates for Mother’s Day

These days more Moms than ever are consuming cannabis in states that have legalized medical or recreational use. “Wine Moms” are slowly being replaced by conscientious cannabis consumers who have chosen a different way to relax after a long day of child rearing. 1906 Chocolates make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your Mom if she’s a chocolate-lover looking for a low-dose, fast absorbing premium edible chocolate that elevates and ensures quality dose control. These stylish chocolates allow for cannabis to be integrated into the busy lives of Mothers.

Leah Verwey Photo for 1906 Chocolates

What sets 1906 apart from other cannabis edibles is that they celebrate the legal and conscious consumption of cannabis in modern society, and compared to average edibles they take effect more rapidly to ensure proper dosage. These confections are perfect if your Mother has been weary of edibles from the past which were little more than unmarked brownies. 1906 chocolates contain five milligrams of THC and five milligrams of CBD, a perfectly low-dose balance of medicinal and psychoactive benefits.

Leah Verwey Photo for 1906

Created by former financier, Peter Barsoom, along with scientists and chocolatiers, 1906 chocolates have a variety of products intended to be used for specific purposes and he’s told us the line was inspired by his wife. There is Go, chocolate covered espresso beans for body energy which uses Sativa strains, Midnight chocolates for sleep created with Indica strains, Pause for meditation and calm, and High Love for a sensual experience. You can guess pretty easily what each one’s effects are. They come in a variety of boxes that are beautifully designed and discrete.

Leah Verwey Photo for 1906

We absolutely love these THC laced beauties because they also incorporate CBD at a 1:1 ratio and create a consistent edible experience for those of us who have busy lives to live and can’t make 6 hour dates with edibles on a regular basis. 1906 uses a technique called lipid encapsulation that takes the THC and other key chemical compounds from marijuana and coats the molecules in fat. This blend of nature and science is what truly make this a luxury edible experience.

If your Mom happens to be like Amy Poehler’s character in Mean Girls and is a cool Mom and not a regular Mom, we suggest the perfect Mother’s Day Gift: 1906 chocolates, you can find where they are sold here. They have no hint of cannabis flavor and have been featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Business Insider.

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