gold joint, joint

How to roll a Joint (When you can’t roll a Joint)

gold joint, joint

So many women I know make it look effortless to roll one up. Their fingers glide over the paper, twisting the green grounded nuggets into submission in a matter of seconds and tucking the paper so quickly it almost looks like magic before presenting a J so beautiful it shouldn’t even be smoked, just preserved in the World’s Most Picturesque Joint Museum. And when you smoke it? It burns evenly and survives many a pass; managing to retain its luster even to the last inhale.

I am not this woman. My joints are downright terrible. And I have been taught by the best; my talented friends have sat over coffee tables and counters patiently schooling me in their rolling methods, tucking tricks and grinding tips. Despite their best efforts, my fingers get all stupid around the tucking phase and everything goes to hell. The paper gets all bendy and the weed starts coming out, inciting panic, and then I have this loose little creation that is smokable in an embarrassing kinda way.

If you are anything like me or you just want to switch it up, you need the chopstick method in your life. When you have a rolling paper as beautiful as Shine papers that you don’t want to practice or risk hand rolling with, this little trick comes in handy. 24k gold requires a perfect roll.

You’ll need:

1 rolling paper (preferably Shine Papers, Hemp Paper or Rice Paper)

1 round* chopstick

*very important that this not be a square :p

Here’s the method:

  1. Wrap your paper around the chopstick, glue-side facing up
  2. Lick the glue, keeping the paper stabilized
  3. Roll the chopstick away from you, wrapping the paper around it.
  4. When it’s all the way around (but not too tight) lick the edge and press your hand around the chopstick
  5. Wiggle the rolled paper out of the chopstick
  6. Stick a filter in the larger end and use the chopstick to press it in
  7. Fill the joint with weed, again using the chopstick
  8. Roll the ends and voila! You have yourself a chopstick-joint.

Here’s a video example featuring Shine Papers:

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