High Herstory X Bridal Musings

Check out the original Bridal Musings article by Claire Eliza here: Bridal Musings Cannabis Wedding

We recently collaborated with our friend Claire Eliza over at Bridal Musings and produced the dreamiest cannabis wedding shoot. It featured our lovely models, Farren Lauren and Jenny Joslin, as well as an array of dope products including: Rosebud CBD oil, 1906 THC chocolates, Love + Destroy and My Bud Vase ancillary products. Not to mention an amazing spliff bar by Barbari, accessories by Alyson Nicole, and gorgeous Sarah Seven wedding dresses.

Kendall Watkins, one of High Herstory’s founders, directed the shoot (and baked the gorgeous cake!) weighs in on modern weed weddings: “The stigma of consuming cannabis is changing, and so is the consumer. Weddings are a great place to highlight the beauty and diversity of cannabis products and luxury ancillary products. Cannabis consumers know its power to amplify an atmosphere of love and union.”

Watkins continues, “If I’m in heels and a tight dress, you best believe I want the pain relieving effects of cannabis. There are a number of products to help 420 friendly brides and grooms incorporate the plant into their special day. There’s even a cannabis wedding expo where brides and grooms can find vendors who can offer them a litany of herb friendly services.”

 “It’s actually cheaper to smoke out your guests than get them drunk.” -Kendall Watkins

Regarding guests at your cannabis wedding: “If your guests have the know-how or curiosity, you can make it fully self serve or have a cannabis connoisseur behind the bar to answer questions, break down terminology, and create custom strain pairings with your choice of herbal blend. Terpenes don’t sound so scary when you know they are just essential oils also found in citrus, cinnamon, and even roses!” So if you’re looking for ideas for your wedding, consider adding a spliff bar or some yummy edibles to appease even the most anxious guests.


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