Finding My Zen with CBD and Yoga

Photo by Melodee Solomon

“A healing for me is a healing for others.” This is one of the many transformative insights I gained from the Feminist Business Summer Camp with Jenn Armbrust I attended last year. I have recently been transitioning from the corporate agency world to start a holistic healing business – on top of dealing with a sick parent – so I need all the care and support I can get. As I continue to explore the wellness world, specifically cannabis and Reiki, I have noticed that if people are truly passionate in the core of their being, it shines through in everything they do.

Case in point, I recently attended a CBD and yoga event at HealHaus in Brooklyn. Cannaclusive teamed up with intuitive healer, Tiffani Moore, to offer a lovely, welcoming event. The event aimed to educate attendees about the benefits of CBD in combination with the practice of Yin Yoga. Upon arriving to the event, I was led out to a backyard oasis in Clinton Hill. Birds chirped, the sun was shining, and there were mats, blocks and pillows laid out for the guests.

An eclectic playlist set the mood, ranging from jazzy beats to ambient tunes to promote maximum healing frequencies. Before easing into the 90-minute practice, Moore explained that Yin Yoga taps into feminine energy, perfectly complimenting the female cannabis plant. During class, she offered us the mantra, “rounded root, open heart, quiet mind,” which resonated with me deeply, and helped me get balanced and centered.

All participants were given a Curaleaf tote bag full of goodies. The bags included a variety of CBD products: several topical salves, balms and creams, a few drinks, drops, a Curaleaf water bottle, a VIRIDE bandana, and a Green Witch hemp dictionary. CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t get you high. It offers relief from stress, anxiety, digestive issues, physical pain, and can be used as a sleep aid. As always, please consult recommended dosages before using. It is best to start small (around 5mg) if you’re new to cannabis, and slowly increase from there.

Mary Pryor, of Cannaclusive, explained all the products, and encouraged applying a topical CBD prior to yoga. During this discussion, someone asked if it is possible to overdose on CBD. In my experience, it is nearly impossible to overdose.  Worst-case scenario, you’ll be so mellow you might need to grab some caffeine. Or in this case, hit child’s pose on repeat. I chose a Papa & Barkley Balm, and applied it to a sensitive pinched nerve area on my back. The combination of the balm, outside heat, and yoga led me to a state of relaxation akin to vaping and binge watching the Bachelorette in bed…except far more physically and spiritually enriching.

The whole experience felt like a luxurious, calm breeze. It closed with Moore treating each participant to a mini sound bath while we laid in Savasana. Overall, I appreciated that nothing felt rushed, and there was plenty of time for CBD education and a Q+A session afterwards. I personally was too chilled out to stay and chat, and preceded to float away with visions of palm trees in my mind. Rounded root, open heart, quiet(er) mind. Namaste, stoners.


Lauren Mooney is a certified holistic health coach, Reiki master and wellness writer. For more info, visit or contact her on instagram @laurenannemooney

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