Five Female-Named Cannabis Strains to Try This Weekend

Featured Image by Emma Pratte As I rolled up my favorite strain, Mr. Nice, I looked for the perfect Instagram caption. “Mrs. Nice”? That felt like I was trying too hard. I settled for something way more basic: “So excited to be smoking my favorite strain #MrNice! What’s your favorite?” The DMs poured in. I was surprised to see how many other diehard Mr. Nice fans I knew. Someone told me ...

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Cannabis Centric Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day gifts can leave even the most clever of children stumped, but if your Dad likes to consume cannabis and lives in a recreational or medically-legalized state (our lawyers make us say stuff like that), we've got you covered. From novices to experienced cannabis consumers, these gifts are great for Fathers, or just people who may be Father figures in your life (who also happen to enjoy a nice ...

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gold joint, joint

How to roll a Joint (When you can’t roll a Joint)

So many women I know make it look effortless to roll one up. Their fingers glide over the paper, twisting the green grounded nuggets into submission in a matter of seconds and tucking the paper so quickly it almost looks like magic before presenting a J so beautiful it shouldn’t even be smoked, just preserved in the World’s Most Picturesque Joint Museum. And when you smoke it? It burns evenly ...

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1906: Luxury Cannabis Infused Chocolates for Mother’s Day

These days more Moms than ever are consuming cannabis in states that have legalized medical or recreational use. "Wine Moms" are slowly being replaced by conscientious cannabis consumers who have chosen a different way to relax after a long day of child rearing. 1906 Chocolates make the perfect Mother's Day gift for your Mom if she's a chocolate-lover looking for a low-dose, fast absorbing premium edible chocolate that elevates and ensures ...

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High Herstory grapes and flowers

Consumption Diary 01

30 year old, female, lives in Brooklyn, has 1 boyfriend, 2 cats and 3 freelance jobs. Friday 6:30pm: I tell my Boyfriend that the “delivery” guy is on his way. That’s the code word I use to let him know that my weed is on the way. I use a delivery service that arrives in under an hour. They’re the best I’ve ever used. I love how knowledgeable their staff is, they ...

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